Divine Light Healing

release. heal. shine.

You deserve to feel light and joyous- but negative moments in our lives can cling to our energy bodies, preventing it from being able to heal and correct itself. When the energy body is focused on trying to repair itself, our physical health can suffer- resulting in pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

With the Angels and your spirit team, we can connect with your energy body and higher self to clear the clinging energies and assist in repairing what needs light! Your soul will guide us to the spots in most need of Divine support; we will do the work asked of us in those areas to provide the balance desired to heal.

Sessions are done over a completely energetic basis- no phone or video call needed. Notes on the findings and work done will be delivered via email within 48 hours. Lexi will be reaching out over email to book your appointment within 48 hours of purchase; the best time to have this Divine Light Healing done is when you can be relaxing or even sleeping!

You deserve the very best and Lexi is honored to assist you in receiving that, xoxo

(disclaimer – Lexi Endter is not a doctor or licensed medical professional- energy work is a complementary therapy to assist in whole soul healing alongside your current medical routines. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical routine. In cases of emergency, contact 911 and receive the help needed. Lexi reserves the right to refuse any healing for any reason. Refunds are unavailable on healing sessions; but Lexi is happy to reschedule as needed! Reach out at lexiendter@gmaill.com for assistance.)

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